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Introducing the Flash 16mm Paddle, a premium pickleball paddle designed for players who value control and precision in their gameplay. This paddle features a honeycomb core, known for its lightweight yet durable properties, allowing for effortless maneuverability and comfortable handling during intense matches. Weighing just 7.9oz, the Flash 16mm paddle offers a perfect balance of speed and control, ideal for players of all skill levels.

The carbon friction surface of the paddle provides excellent grip and spin capabilities, enabling players to deliver accurate and powerful shots with ease. Whether you're focusing on placement shots or aggressive plays, the control-oriented design of the Flash 16mm paddle ensures you have the stability and finesse needed to dominate the game.

With an elongated shape, this paddle offers extended reach and coverage on the court, giving you an advantage in your strategic play. Elevate your game with the Flash 16mm paddle and experience the performance and precision you need to outshine your opponents on the court.

Upgrade your gameplay with the Flash 16mm paddle and take your skills to the next level.

Core: Honey comb Polypropylene core 16mm 

Foam injected perimeter

Material: T700 carbon fiber 

Weight: 16 mm 7.9 ounces 

Size: 16.4x7.3 

Handle length: 5.5 

Handle circumference: 4.2


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